Who We Are

Jones Pond at Bement Camp

Our mission statement:

"We, the Bement Alumni Association, in order to continue fulfilling Mary Bement's legacy created by her bequest, and in grateful appreciation for the impact that Bement Camp and Conference Center has had in so many lives, will endeavor to create in Bement Camp and Conference Center a spiritually rich environment where all individuals can explore their faith in God, enjoy and learn from His creation, experience His love in a safe and nurturing space; and to ensure a stable future for Bement, its attendees and alumni."

We are a federal 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation working to preserve Bement.  At present, the organization is represented by the following board members:

Member Years at Bement Committees
President - Jim Climo Jr - Member At-Large 1958 - 1973 Technology/ Camping/ Bylaws
Vice-President - David DeSantis  1967 - 1977 Fundraising/Camping
Clerk - Crystal Zimmer 1993-2000, 2006 Reunions and Parties
Asst. Clerk   
Treasurer - Carolyn Johnson  1969 - 1980 Membership
Reed Ide 1958 - 62, 1965  
Jeff Ware 1968 - 1976
Katie Smith 1976-1986


All are welcome to attend our meetings, the details of which will be posted on this web site.

We have a Facebook group dedicated to this effort as well, which is available to join, and many good discussions take place there.

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